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Camera (CAMERA), also known as PC camera, computer eye, etc., is a video input device, is widely used in video conferencing, telemedicine and real-time monitoring and so on. Ordinary people can network with each other through the camera to have images, sound of conversation and communication. In addition, people can also be used to present a variety of popular digital image, audio and video processing.Cameras into digital cameras and analog cameras into two categories. Analog camera video capture device can generate analog video signals into digital signals, and then save it in the computer. Analog cameras to capture the video signal must be.web address is:

1.for IP network remote video transmission products using MJPEG hardware compression technology, the LAN / WAN on a maximum 30 frames / sec real-time transmission of high-quality Video image.2.using TCP / IP standard protocol, built-in WEB server, support for web browsing, easy to operate.3.Support VGA / QVGA / QQVGA three resolutions in support of the video quality level, video display, the use of environmental and other video parameters.4.comes with infrared light, when the outside is dark, the lights automatically turn on infrared lighting.web address is:


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